Friday, May 2, 2008

A murder mystery and other Friday craziness

We had the big girl's birthday party tonight. We planned a luau and all outdoor activities but the 20mph winds ran us inside for some of the fun... There was alot of jumping on the trampoline, football throwing, a bit of the limbo, as well as good burgers and such. We moved inside to do the murder mystery...they did so good and enjoyed it so much they wouldn't slow down between in all the fun and them skipping ahead the murderer admitted his guilt before he should have... so much for the prize for who guessed the killer correctly. They really seemed to have a fun night.
On a completely different note, Mike's step dad is in the hospital nearing the end of his life. I know he is ready to go because he has voiced this in the last few months, however watching him go slowly down hill is so hard on his mother. I pray he doesn't linger, I pray for Pat to have strength through this, I pray that he will meet our Lord and see his children that went before him.
So, I'll be going back to the Dallas area for a bit...

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