Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There is no such thing as a truly selfless good deed

Remember that quote???

I've thought a lot about that quote the last couple of days.  I'm pretty sure it's true...

I have been involved in helping a family in need the last few days.  I did it because it's part of my job.  It became personal because, well, because I think I take everything personally whether I want to our not... but it has touched my heart. 

It was as enjoyable to me to provide assistance as it was for this family to recieve it.  No, more so, I feel certain.  It's not often that you know made a difference right that minute.  It has been a blessing to help and pray for this family.

As Jennifer said, she even thought about the story last night when she went to get a snack and had choices of what to eat.  Some people don't.  

If only it was that easy to help all the time....A few phone calls and we have more than what was needed...

It sure has made me more aware of our blessings, more prayerful, and oh so thankful.

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