Sunday, January 10, 2010

We have it down to an art

We went for our very short weekend of fun.  I have made an art of squeezing as much as fun as possible into short visits! 
We started with dinner with friends. 

The funniest part of this was watching Katie and a friends son (who have known each other forever and spent every afternoon after school playing together) act all uncomfortable when they saw each other.  They couldn't even speak to each other.
 He proposed to her when they were in first or second grade.  Now they can't even stand by each other without acting all weird and teenager-ish...

We forced them to stand by each other for a picture.  Look likes the wedding is on hold....

edited to add an earlier picture of the two, back when they were still talking marriage...or at least weren't afraid to stand next to each other

We started the next morning off with the cousin trip to the Galleria and breakfast at the American Girl store.

Breakfast was wonderful, even the dolls had menu's

Katie brought a friend since she didn't want to do the American Girl store. The were inside the mall without us before we could get out of the car good! Think they enjoyed their big girl time. Of course, they wouldn't want me to tell this, but they wanted to play with the dolls later that night...

The dolls went shopping with us

They had a cozy locker to stay in while the girls ice skated

Jennifer tried to to get Kellie ice skating

Aren't the best friends sweet?

We visited our favorite stores

I  L.O.V.E. Williams-Sonoma.

We celebrated J's birthday at the Magic Time Machine for dinner

I think they enjoyed it!

One of my favorite things of the weekend was the two beautiful swans in the hotel lobby.  I could just sit and watch them all day...

We headed back this morning and I've gotten caught up with all the weekend jobs... even made a cake for a birthday at work tomorrow.

It was all fun but I am tired!


Jennifer said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! I've always wanted to go to the American Girl store!! (o:

THe teenagerish picture cracked me up. Oh how I don't miss that age!

Debbie said...

That cake looks incredible.
And the teenage photo - now that was too funny. I have watched the same thing happen in my family time and time again.