Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A gift of a day

Do you ever have a day start out different than you expect and yet it turns out to be so good?
Kellie is home with Strep AGAIN!  She has gotten old enough that I can leave her home alone if I need to but I was able to get a sub. so decided I would stay home with her. 
We got an early dr's apt. to find out, that yes, it was strep AGAIN. 
When I went to get her medication, I was able to also run a few errands I needed to do.  I've cleaned up the house, done some laundry and finally finished a crafty project I needed to get done. 
Kellie and I have watched this weeks Lost, snuggled, laughed and spent some good time together.  Sometimes what starts out as an inconvenience turns into something really good. 

Not the strep, just the time the day provided....

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