Friday, March 5, 2010

I think this week deserves hazzard pay

This has been a crazy crazy week!  Mostly at school, not home, but a little at home, I think it's everywhere! 
Our hot water heater went out yesterday morning.  At 5:45 a.m. is when I made this discovery.  I went on with that shower but it wasn't easy let me tell you!  And of course the plumber can't come till tomorrow... I have dishes and laundry waiting on his visit!  And kids to bath without boiling water....
I'm ready to put the wash tub in the kitchen and not have to carry the water so far.

We have had some issues at school this week that I never dreamed I would ever encounter in an elementary school.  In addition to the big issues there have just been numerous crazy little issues.  I'm used to the little things in school nursing but it seems like they have been magnified this week-

I know your nose is stuffy but you really don't need to go home for that.
I know your stomach hurts.
I know it's your birthday but you can't go home.
I know your earring hurt your ear and it's your birthday but you still can't go home.
Who tried to poke your eye out?
I know your earring hurt your ear, your scratch on your leg hurts and it's your birthday but you still can't go home.
Why didn't you eat breakfast?
I could go on and on...

And as I was walking out the door today, I got a call to go to a bus wreck and check out kids... Are you kidding?  Shouldn't you call the ambulance?  I went, it was just a fender bender and no one was hurt but I just had never been called out to an accident before...

And to top it off, Mike has a meeting this afternoon that he is worried is the "you should prob. look for a new job" meeting.  Of course, he might not mind that.. . We are praying for a new job.  Now.  Quickly.  I'm good at praying.  I'm not so good at waiting.... can you tell?

I'm praying for a restful, quiet, warm water weekend!

oh, and on a side note... I just saw the funniest commercial ever on t.v.  check out     LOVE IT. 

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