Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekends and dominoes

We are having a very relaxing weekend and are very excited about spring break and our lack of plans.  It's hard for me to not have a plan but Mike is completely the opposite.  I keep trying to get him to tell me what he wants to do this week and he just won't cooperate. 

Saturday we started with a leisurely morning.

Elvis was so excited we were all home to play

When we started talking about going out for lunch and shopping he decided to sit in Katie's lap to detain her

Lunch, shopping, girl time was great.  Last nigth I went out with a friend from school while Mike took Kellie on a date.  All last minute plans.

Today, other than church we have done nothing. 

Tonight we had a lesson in "shoot the moon".  When I was touching up the pictures I decided that the 1960 feature was just perfect for a domino's game...  looks just like the 60's... minus all the cell phones on the table...

here we're getting a lesson on how to tell how much to bid. 

Kellie is explain dad is going to get a minus four, NOT four...
She is so competitive, just like her dad... she was bidding higher than she could get just so she could go first.... It's just a pleasure playing with those two!

This doing nothing today has been hard for me.  Mike has been working so hard and I know he needs this time to just rest, be still, not have to work constantly.  I however, am just not good at that.  I'm having a hard time not filling all his time with things I need done around here.  
You think tomorrow is long enough to hold off on the chore requests?

Tomorrow my work friends are coming over to craft.  Wonder what dad and the girls will do?  The week of no plans is just beginning...

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