Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only one

So, the weekend has been crazy. 
Between the birthday party, dance rehersals, errends, etc. I have not been home at all.   You would think that since I haven't been home I would be using my little bit of time at home tonight wisely rather than on the computer... but, here I am.  I just can't get excited about the laundry and such I should be doing. 

Mike has been grumpy about how much he is working and how we didn't end up fishing a couple of weeks ago so today we all agreed to go fishing with him. 

He made me buy a fishing lisc.  The worst $30 I've ever spent...
Except for the $20 worth of minnows.  Minnows.  $20.00.  Really?  I thought they would be about a dollar. 

I could have had something way more fun for $50 than minnows and fishing liscense.  I'm sure of it.

He also wanted to bring the dogs. 
I didn't think it sounded like a great idea but it was his fishing trip....

 Katie worried that Ellie would fly out of the boat.  She didn't.  She did have some wind in her hair issues though.

last I heard the dogs won't be joining us on the next fishing trip

Elvis was admiring the fish

the fish that is "the biggest crappie" EVER

It was the also the only crappie of the day.  Kellie caught it the first time she put her hook in the water and it was all downhill from there...

And as I predicted, the girls wanted to swim instead of fish

Even if the water was 64 degrees

Only Kellie was brave enough to get all the way in

They were some tired fishing dogs on the ride home!

It was a fun filled weekend. 

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Michelle said...

You CRACK me up with the talk about $50 for fishing license and minnows. How about THIS one? Ronnie and Robbie went fishing Saturday morning while I was supposed to be cleaning, and used crickets for bait. Took Ronnie 1.5 hrs. to find the crickets because his favorite store diesn't sell them anymore. Then, they only fished for about 30 minutes and the crickets? They brought what they didn't use home and left them in the laundry room...and I couldn't sleep so I put them outside! When we got up to go to church, we found that the cup they were in, with a lid, had been turned over and they were all over the back porch! What a way to start at Sunday, right?!
Have a great week!