Friday, April 30, 2010


My how time flies!  My sweet Katie is 14 today.  That seems impossible to me but here we are.  She is turning into a true teen...

We got up early to open presents before school.  She was thrilled to get the Tom's she's been asking for.  Jennifer is the best!  Her best friend suprised her by showing up at 7 with donuts for her.

I found this banner from years past and hung it up after school today... Elvis barked at the dogs on it...

We took Katie and friends to dinner.  They dressed up, I felt very under dressed...

A little cake and a lot of candles

the girls went out and hung out on the trampoline and were a little suprised when dad showed up shooting them with silly string.

Hope they go to bed at some point tonight.

Katie you are a pleasure, I'm so glad to be your mom.  Could you stop at 14 though?  Please? 

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