Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy busy

We have had one of those crazy busy weeks.  I feel like we have run and run and run.  Dance, choir, church, dance store, book store, dance store, etc...

We are leaving tomorrow for the girl's dance comp. in Dallas.

While they are dancing I am going to spend good time with sweet niece Jennifer and another friend or two or three... I'm going to try to hit a couple of favorite restaurants and as usual, pack as much into the short weekend as I can.

A few favorite things from this week:

  • I broke down and bought a couple of pair of capri pants for spring.  I'm so happy about loosing weight but hate having to buy new clothes every season...

  • Kellie handcuffed herself to her desk chair and didn't realize she could just stand up

  • Finished a good book

  • Mike's out of town tonight which means the bed to myself and clean sheet night... ahhhh....

have a great weekend!

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