Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 hair cuts in 2 weeks

Two weeks ago, both girls and I went for a haircut.  Kellie fussed and fussed and only wanted her hair (that is too long) trimmed. 
That's it.  Just a trim.  Nope, not an inch... Wait that's too much.
Then there was the fussing that she cut too much....

Two days ago she decided she needed her hair cut short.  Today.  Right this minute. 

I had to explain the the 'you can't get your hair cut on Monday's rule' and how we avoid any place with the words clips or cuts in the name and how we don't cheat on our hair person....she had to wait till today...
She got up today excited about going after school for her hair cut!

Look who can't quit grinning and flipping her hair.

I'm not sure what prompted the sudden need for a new look but I understand it....  Just wish she had decided on the first hair cut I paid for!

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