Friday, April 23, 2010

organization, who needs it?

Remember in the last post I metioned Kellie bringing out a huge amount of dirty clothes just as I thought I was done??? 

Well, I'm still working on that laundry.

Today when I asked her to bring me her empty hangers she told me she didn't have any....
Me:  Hmmm, so these million articles of clothing didn't come off of hangers???
Her:  Nope, I don't have any.
Me:  If you don't bring me your hangers I'm going to get them and I doubt you want me to go in your closet do you?
Her:  I'll be right back.

that was the first batch

We just had a lesson on hanging clothes....I think she has no less than 20 shirts with peace signs on them.  You'd think I would notice and not let her have anymore but I really hadn't noticed this till I hung them up all in one day...
I also discovered that she had duplicate shirts.  When I told her to give her sister's shirts back to her she explained that she likes to have two in case a friend comes over and they want to dress alike....

After I sent two huge batches of hanging clothes to her closet, I tried to explain how she could use this time while everything is hanging neatly to organize her closet... you know, tee shirts together, nicer shirts, dresses, pants, etc.

Her reply was "oh, I don't need that.... you just do this (flipping through the hangers) nope, nope, nope, YES!"

We wouldn't want to be organized, what a crazy thing for me to suggest! 

I'm blaming her father for this. 
The man who still has his fishing stuff in the living room....

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