Monday, June 28, 2010

Kamp Kanakuk- everyone should get to go

Getting into kamp is aways fun! 

we had a big rain the first night.  Glad I packed a poncho!

There was a new zip line at kamp this year! 
I wanted to do it and never got the chance...Katie loved it!

Katie also did the big rock wall this year! 

Repelling down the other side...

Is it terrible that I think I have as much fun at kamp as my kids?  I love having time to catch up with my cousin Janet....glad they need two nurses!

Kellie getting her "gentle and quiet spirit" tee pee award... I wouldn't have guessed that would be the one they picked for her....
I have no action shots of her this year... She avoided doing anything off the ground...I'm not sure where this fear of heights came from...

It's hard to see, but Katie was getting her 7 year award, a ring.

My sweet Kellie is getting her tonsils out tomorrow.  I'm praying her healing is quick and the pain medication is great.  She told me last night she thought of something she needed... a bell...
It may be a long recovery!

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