Saturday, October 1, 2011

Parenting, it's hard on the marriage

We have had two days in a row of parenting disagreements.
This is the first time this has happened.
We're usually on the same page.
But not this time...
The first problem was between Mike and Katie and he is convinced she is lying about why she said something. 
I think she's telling the truth.
Cause that kid can't lie!
She's tried.
It never works. 
(The other kid is a whole different story)
So I talked to him about his choice of punishment and tried to point out that I think she was not lying and he basically said "fine, my opinion doesn't count"...
What do you do?  I don't want to undermine his parenting but I really think he overreacted...Did I mention the kid can't lie? 

Now, the second incident is completely crazy in my head but not in his...

I came home yesterday and Katie asks me to come to her room to tell me that "dad has gone crazy".
When he picked her and a friend up yesterday and found out that they weren't going to the homecoming football game he was so mad he told her she was grounded.
When I tried to discuss this with him he decided he would just quit parenting.  I could do it all....
Really?  Over a football game?
Apparently, the once high school football player finds it a horrible thing for anyone to skip homecoming.
From me, the once high school student who did skip a couple of homecomings due to lack of a date, I completely understood. 
I explained the no date, no game theory to him but he wouldn't even budge on his opinion...

Mike took the middle school girl and friends to the game.  They had tickets he didn't.  It sold out to the guy in front of him buying tickets.  This didn't help the mood.
Kellie and friends came home early because it was "boring" and couldn't even tell him what the score had been.  That made him mad all over again.

He seems back to normal this morning.

Who knew our first big parenting divide would be over a football game.  I guess I should have known given the importance of any sporting game to him I guess...

Lets all pray she makes varsity Pom next year so she will have to go to every game!!!

I think he really needed a boy....

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Kim said...

Just popped over from LolaB's when I read your comment about the pizza with the Chinese food on it. We used to live on Oahu and we LOVED that pizza! Haven't lived there in years, but I often wonder if it's still there.

Too funny about your DH! Sounds like he really does need a boy. ;)