Thursday, December 20, 2012

Away from West Texas, to Grandma's house we go

Yesterday was a crazy crazy weather day in Lubbock.  There was a huge dust storm. 
Orange sky.  60 mph winds. 

I think all of New Mexico blew into town.
This was the view from above that was on line...

Today was back to normal, minus the dirt on my counters and the pile of sand right inside my door.

Tomorrow as soon as school is out we are leaving for a very quick weekend trip to Dallas to see all the family.
Friday night we are doing Christmas with my family and Sat. with Mike's.  I hate when our trip has to be that fast.  There isn't enough time to see friends and really enjoy anyone.

This whole month feels like a blur it has gone so fast.  I'm going to try to slow it down as soon as we get home.  Christmas eve it will just be the four of us.
I'm looking forward to a quiet evening of church and family.
Christmas day Jennifer is flying out.  I have big plans for us to lie around in our PJ's and watch movies for a few days.

I hope you Christmas is restful, wonderful and filled with love.

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