Monday, December 31, 2012

What are we, Pilgrims?

My girls think that anytime I do things from scratch or make something out of the ordinary that I'm crazy.  Katie's question is always "what are we, Pilgrims?"...
Well, I may have answered that question in her mind this past week when I made butter.

It is really my friend Jennifer's fault. 
She sent me a link to a blog that she knew I would enjoy. 
The second post I ran across was about making butter and I was sold.
I'm not sure whats wrong with me that I see something like that and feel like I must try it.
I have discovered it is not cheaper at all to make your own butter so I don't even have that to lean on.

This blog linked to America's Test Kitchen for full instructions on making butter.  I also looked around a little in the bloggy web and found some other ideas.  I used this recipe for the first batch.  I wanted to try the cultured butter too so I did make a batch from the Test Kitchen recipe.  Both were really good in my opinion.

I have a lot of buttermilk if you need any
come on over for toast....
I made stuffed mushrooms tonight for snacking.  A family friend made them and I had them in Dallas when we were there.  They are very easy and very good...

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

1/2 lb hot breakfast sausage scrambled
1 8oz pk softened cream cheese
2 green onion chopped
2 pkg button mushrooms cleaned and stems removed

Wipe mushrooms with soft cloth and remove stems.  Mix cooked sausage, cream cheese and chopped green onions.  Place a spoonful in each mushroom cap and bake at 350 till bubbly.


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