Monday, December 3, 2012

December daily beginnings

Jennifer always does a great Dec. daily project.  I did one a few years ago and loved how it turned out but I've not kept it up each year.  Two years ago I did a digital one.  I was glad I did it but it wasn't near as cute as the real scrap booked kind. 
And because I was jealous of how Jennifer's is looking this year I started another digital one.


and, as usual it's not near as cute as a real scrapbook kind.  Maybe next year.
(Jennifer start putting together some stuff for me)

Speaking of Jennifer's and pretty things.  My sweet friend Jennifer sent me a link to a food blog she thought I would enjoy.

And enjoy I did.  I spent a good hour looking at all the beautiful food goodness.
But, I was hooked at the very first post I saw.  She made her own butter.  She said it's good butter.  Like butter in Europe. 
And you know what happened?  That's right, I now feel like I must make butter.
However, in some cites that would be possible but in West Texas there is no cream without additives and apparently the additives are a no no for making it into butter.
I haven't given up.  Surely there is a diary farm somewhere here?
I need that butter.

Enjoy the first week of Dec.(even if it is 90 degrees)!

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