Friday, September 5, 2008

I needed a little dose of that...

Last night I went with some girls to see Chonda Pierce, a Christian comedian...It was a good night of fellowship! She was very was nice to hear such funny things that were clean also. What a treat. Her end topic was about being real and not 'wearing masks' around people who care, like the church should be for each other...she was very insightful about a lot of those issues.
Love me a little girl time!
But girl time is over and now I'm being forced to watch a husband pick movie! Off to see how much torture this will be....
oh, and because I'm ready for fall and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having, I'm dragging my girls to an apple orchard tomorrow... Neither one wants to go, but nothing says fun like forcing your kids to go and experience apple picking... then I may really torture them and make them help me make apple butter or something fall-ish like that!

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