Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Productive Saturday

Since the girls have started dance we have been eating out more than ever. They have dance on opposite nights so we someone is at dance by 5:00 Mon. - Thurs. So in an effort to change that here's what I made today for the freezer:
Steak and Mushroom Gravy
Beefy noodle casserole
Chicken fried Rice
Chicken wraps
Taco meat 2 batches
Twice baked potatoes
Meatloaf muffins
Sweet and Sour chicken
Chicken and dressing casserole
Baked egg brunch casserole
Quiche in a bag-2
Chicken in balsamic BBQ sauce
I quit before I made the Oven baked chicken strips...maybe tomorrow. At least now we have something to pull out and heat up instead of McDonald's and Taco Bueno so often! I have done this one other time with a good friend, it was sure a lot more fun than today when I did it alone! I think we'll order pizza for dinner... don't think I can cook another thing!


Lucy said...

Wow...that all sounds so good. Will you come over to my house?

Jenn said...

You're such a chef! We get bad with the fast food too. I have such a thing for burgers.