Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wow, this weekend went fast!

So, Friday off should have really made for a long weekend but it has flown by!!! My sister and brother in law came on Fri. night and they left this a.m....
The guys and little girls did the high school football game Fri. night and the Tech game last night... My sister and I did a little shopping and just hung out and visited.

The beautiful fall weather has come back today. The sister and husband had to change to their long pants on the way out today as it was a blustery 68 degrees! They are very funny about the weather games presented hard decisions for him... to take a jacket or not, long pants or not... oh the decisions... we laugh at this quirk every time we are around them!

And since they were in town, their daughter that is in school here at Tech was around off and on all weekend... That always offers up the drama of the college life stories and how tough it is! She's a bit 'blond' also... this provides for some good chuckles and stories to share after everyone is gone home...

Next weekend we have friends coming to town for another ball game... I'm loving it!

Off to open the windows, read the paper and enjoy the rest of a lazy Sunday! Oh, and tomorrow I just remembered, I only have school 1/2 a day... teacher work day in the afternoon, but for some reason they said we could leave by 12:30... again, I'm loving it!!!

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Jenn said...

Glad you didn't float away in all the rain you got! We FINALLY got some gorgeous weather today - it will be warm this afternoon, but I sure am enjoying this morning!

RElaxing weekends are the best - I did a lot of that this weekend. (o: