Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy day Friday

It's been raining here in Lubbock for about three days. The first couple of days it was showers off and on... Yesterday it rained constantly. We got about 8" in 24 hours... here's the odd part...Lubbock doesn't have any drainage systems... I heard them say last night on the news that the roads are designed to be the drainage system...What??? How will that work??? Oh, wait, that doesn't work!!!!

When we were trying to get to dance last night, the boat would have been a better choice! It was crazy!!!

And here's the craziest part, school was canceled today. School. Canceled for rain and flooding??? I am just finding this to be the strangest thing!!! Since its not raining now I think I'll try to get to the grocery store and then come home and enjoy the rainy day at home... Maybe I can call some city officials and explain that if the roads weren't the 'drainage system' for the city we could be at school today! Maybe no one has ever pointed that out...

But I am thankful for the treat of a Fri. off!

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Jenn said...

I'm jealous of your day off! Stay safe in all of the wet weather - the latest reports here tell us we MIGHT get rain now! Just goes to show we can never know what is gonna happen! (o: