Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun at the lake

We had a hot, fun day at the lake. I realized my pictures look just like last years, right down to the cows by the water. It was weird though, there were no cows in sight then a bunch came down to the water. The were all black except for one little white calf.
Katie's friend that went with us was very funny. She's a bit like me... she really doesn't like lake water. She tubed and tubed and tubed. Katie fell a few times but Abbi did not come off that tube. At the end of the day she slipped getting off the tube and back into the boat and I've never seen anyone get out of the water faster!

Glad I had such a productive day yesterday because this sunburned family is laying low the rest of the day!

Tomorrow we have good friends coming for a few days to visit. I'm glad to have them but don't know what we'll do here to entertain them!

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Debbie said...

How fun that day looks.
Hope your visit with your friends will go well.