Thursday, July 30, 2009

Woody, Mrs. Doubtfire and Cop's... we met them all

Well, I feel summer coming to a fast end! Katie went home with our friends when they came to visit, so this gave us an excuse for another trip to the Dallas area before the summer was over. I picked up the big girl and we stayed at the mother in law's over night. She is looking completely back to normal... hardly any sign of that broken hip from a couple of months ago!
We took her out to lunch for her birthday before we left town and a good time was had by all...well, I thought so, but Uncle J. doesn't look too happy in this picture does he?

We spent a humid day at Six Flags with our friends and then went on to Flower Mound to spend time with my sister, Jennifer and friends there! It was a blur of visits with all of our friends, lots of good meals at resturants we miss, days in the pool, shopping and just hanging out with family. It was wonderful.

We met my favorite girls from our old school for lunch! I miss them so much. The girls were so glad to get to spend time with their first grade teacher...she is precious and the girls would go back to first grade for her I think.

We did a little bit of back to school shopping and went to Yucky Dillard's again! It rarely disappoints! We even found a little formal dress for a function Katie has later this year... nothing like finding a formal for $20!
We spent our last night in town celebrating a birthday a the Magic Time Machine... it still has all of it's 1970's charm. The girls had a great time... our waiter was Woody from Toy Story....I'll spare you the picture of them with Mr Incredible....They came right home and told their dad if he wanted to work there he would make a great Mr Incredible!
A few odd things from the trip:
*There was an incident of the big kid scaring the little girl while she was on my lap top and holding a soda. It now takes me twice as long to type anything because the bottom two rows of keys now stick. A lot. And the space barreallysticks.
*A group of about 12 cross dressing men in a resturant one night really kept me from being able to focus on the visit with friends. It was a suburb on a Sun. night... very distracting...

*I have to offer a special thank you to the Texas Trooper who only gave me a warning for going "a little over the speed limit" as he said... really, it was really only a few miles over...I didn't understand why he stopped me to give me the warning but I was sure thankful! The funny part was while he was talking to me his cell phone rang and I heard.. what'ch gonna do when they come for you, bad boys, bad boys... I was afraid we were on an episode of Cops! It was pretty funny.
And as usual, I'm glad to be home!

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