Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, it ain't the county club

In summers past, before we moved, we spent almost every day at our neighborhood pool. It was big, well kept up, never crowded and was almost as good as having our own pool. I'm sure last summer I mentioned my lack of pool here in Lubbock.

Let me re-visit this issue-
When we moved, we intended to sell the boat and put a pool in... but, since I don't think we'll be here forever I don't want to put a pool in so....
Last summer I bought the "white trash" pool for our back yard and we were happy. Until. I drained it to clean it and Mike THREW IT AWAY. I'm still mad...

So, now it's summer and we have no pool to float in and there is NOTHING much to do in Lubbock so we are left with very few choices as summer fun goes:

  • I checked on pool memberships at the country clubs here in Lubbock and they were wayyyy to high.

  • There is a old water park here that has re-opened this year but word on the street is that it isn't very good for the high price they charge

  • we could join "the" health club that everyone in the county goes to and use their very very crowded pool

  • we can buy another white trash pool and after today I think that's where we are headed.

A few weeks ago, one of Katie's friends told us about the "best kept secret" of the Wolfforth community pool... Wolfforth being a small suburb of Lubbock. So, we picked her up, went to check out this well kept secret and were quickly aware that this probably wasn't the answer to our summer woe's. It was crowded and before we left I had two other children that I didn't bring asking me for towels and talking to me as I seemed to be the only adult who cared to supervise children.

Now a few weeks have gone by, and apparently I had forgotten just how much I really didn't like this pool and I had two bored kids begging to go swimming so I agreed to give it another chance.

So again, we picked up the friend, and went to pool and were again reminded that this might not be the place for us. Let me share -

  • it wasn't quite as crowded as the last time, at least I got a chair this time.

  • Lady with a mullet

  • the life guard was wearing a very small bikini, tattoo showing on her back and seemed to be busier texting than watching the pool and there wasn't an orange floaty thing with her...aren't they required by life guard law to always have the orange floaty thing in case of a swimming emergency?

  • a couple of very young teens that made out off and on the whole time sealed the deal for me. I wanted to steal a kids noodle and beat them off of each other!

You know, most of those things I expected at the community pool -but the teens all over each other pushed me over the edge. I was going to say something to them or beat them with the noodle but Katie was afraid she might die from embarrassment if I did... so I did the next best thing. I went and talked to the life guard- who said it was her first day here and she didn't know if she could say something...on the way out, the lady who runs the place assured me someone would say something and that they are regulars and have been warned about this before.

Let me assure you that I used the time in car on the way home to give my opinion on the public display we witnessed... Katie's poor friend got my opinion on this whether she wanted it or not!

Mike doesn't know if yet, but he's going to Academy to buy me another pool tonight...


Jennifer said...

You're hilarious.

And all the more reason for you to move to San Antonio. (o: There are tons of places for water fun here - though there could be plenty of making out teenagers still.

Debbie said...

Absolutely! You need a new pool. You can NOT have your kids growing up thinking a mullet is the right look:)

Mysit said...

As a kid growing up in Lubbock, we went to the public pool at Maxey Park, or Sun'N'Fun over on 66th & Flint. You might check out those. We're outside of town now - and tried the white trash pool. Well water + white trash pool don't go together. *sigh*