Monday, November 2, 2009

At least one of them wants to cook

Today was Monday.  Really Monday.  It was a very long Monday too.
I think the time change set me up for a bad Monday.  I just couldn't go to sleep.  Benadry didn't help.  I thougth about EVERYTHING.  If I know you, I thought about you last night.  I wondered what you were up to, how you were, why you aren't here visiting me...I planned a Christmas party in my head, worried about many things and then prayed for everyone I know.  So, I guess it wasn't totally a bad thing.
So, this afternoon when I picked up two hungry girls, we discussed what we would have for dinner, I was thrilled when Kellie asked "can I cook dinner all by myself?"  and I answered, of course you can my favorite child!

I had been planning on making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana so decided it would be a good thing for Kellie to try.
 It turned out soooo good!
You'll want to have someone make this for you very soon while you sit on the bar stool sipping a nice beverage and giving instructions. It was easy and other than cutting up the chicken she did  it all!

When I got out the wine and had told her to add it.  She looked a little upset.   I had to explain that if we cooked the wine she could eat the sauce.

Oh, how I loved someone cooking for me and it was great!  Turned out she didn't get very excited when it was time to clean up...

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Jennifer said...

My mom taught me how to cook and let me make supervised meals too. These are memories and tools she will have with her forever. I guarantee when she's 20-something and married and making chicken parmesan for her new husband and had a long Monday herself she'll remember the Monday she shared with you.

I remember those times with my mom.

YOu're such a good mom Cara. Loved this story!

Hope this tuesday is more restful and much shorter!