Thursday, November 12, 2009

I've been told we'll all survive this

Teenage years, that's what I've heard.  More than one person has told me we will all make it out alive. 
I've actually seen it happen.  Look at my neice Jennifer.  I remeber her being a bit of a moody teen and she turned out great....but when you're in the battle it doesn't feel like it will end well.
It's new territory and I'm really not enjoying it yet.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty much hating it! 

Katie was 13 in April...somewhere over the summer some switch in her flipped.  Just like WHAM different kid, at least part of the time.
One minute she is fighting with her sister over who gets to sit by me and the next min. she is so bristly I don't want her to sit by me!  Moody is an understatement most of the time. 

I am learning how to deal with these drastic mood changes and smart responces she is throwing at me.  Jennifer made a good point last night. She commented that she has us, who are both a little sarsastic and can be big ole smarty pants to learn from and she may not know when the smarty pants answer is over the line...That's one theory...

I've learned loosing my temper with her gets me no where.  I'm very much a talk about it and settle things type of person.  I've figured out that she is like her dad, she has to stomp off, mull things over and then talk about it or apologize on her time...(that really bugs me but that's ok)  I'm having to learn to wait.

I'm learning that we have very differnt personalities. 

I'm learning that even though she is moody and bristly she is still just a little girl under it all.  I love when I'm reminded that she is really a great kid.

I know that she loves God. 

I know that she is prayed for.

I know that she cares about others.

I know that we all went through it.  I remember how hard it was!

I don't know how my mother didn't kill me.

I don't know what I'm going to do in a couple of years - if they fight now, imagine what it could be like when they are both moody teenager!

I do know I'll love them, moody and all.

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