Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What do you mean that was thrity years ago?

Today, I looked at while at work.  The headline was about the Iran Hostage Crisis being 30 years ago.  I added the link for you people that are still young and don't know about it...
It can't be that many years.  It wasn't that long ago.  That would make me....yep, I guess thats right, it was 3o years ago.  Darn it.
Thirty years ago, minus a few weeks I was still living in Iran with my parents.  My dads job was classified so I don't know exactly know what he did, if he told us he would have had to kill us.
He did work on a Iranian military base which turned out to not be a safe place.  Our landlord was an Iranian general, which also turned our home into an unsafe place to be...The American school was closed because of all the danger.  The city was under martial law so you could only go out at certain hours.  They turned off the elec in the city at night.  I really don't know why the electricty was turned off.  But I do know that my mother and I were not cut out for the days before electricity... you know, there is just so much you can do in a foreign land with no electricty.  You can olny play monopoly so many times, and we were told to limit the candle light, etc or people would shoot into your home...  Thank God it wasn't summer, I would have asked someone to shoot me!
Being a young teen didn't really see how bad this situation was.  My mother did.  She wanted to leave.  The airport was closed and only a very few flights were allowed in or out.  We got a call late one night that there was a flight out if we could be ready by morning... The trip to the airport is something I'll never forget.  It certainly made me aware of the danger we were in.  There were tanks and soldiers everywhere, cars and buildings smoldering from being burned.  It was terrible.  My mother and I left with only a few dollars of american money and took off on a flight that did not have a destination as no other countries were letting flights from Iran land...We eventually got home, my dad came about a week before the hostages were taken. 
I didn't set out to tell the whole story but there it is.  And it was thrity years ago.  Which makes me old.
The End.