Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 teenage girls, two college leaders and a million animal crackers

We are hosting the freshman and sophomore girls from our church this weekend for Discipleship Now weekend.
We have 8 sweet sweet girls. Two precious, pretty, and Godly college girls leading the girls.
Not to mention more hair dryers, brushes, straighteners, and make up bags than I can count!

They brought plenty of snacks!

Elvis got excited when the youth minister came by and loved him... he got to show of his t.v. watching skills...

So far it hasn't been any crazier than the usual weekend... as a matter of fact I have enjoyed listing to the Bible study they are doing, enjoying getting to do my own quiet time with them and watching such sweet leaders be so loving and encouraging to the girls.  They have to come away a little better just for being around leaders that are such a good example!

And because we wouldn't want to have too much girl fun and peacefulness, we're off to the loud pizza and game place to meet the rest of the youth!

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