Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dirt and more dirt

We survived the weekend!  It was much easier than I even expected.
The girls were so good.  The leaders were amazing.
We still have the majority of the million animal crackers!
Church was wonderful this morning.  The youth pastor did the message and shared about what the youth did this weekend.
Nothing makes you prouder than to see your kid on a video with her hair completely combed over her face, doing the "Bieber hair sling" on the big screen at church.  Nice.

When we left for church it was beautiful outside.  When we left church it was orange outside.
the picture really doesn't do it just weird. 

and because we didn't know to put the cover on the dog door when we left we came home to a coating of dirt.  Lovely.

I don't think I will ever get used to this.... it's gloomy and brown, I've already dusted once today and the wood floor in the dining room looks a little like a sand box....

Gloomy and windy worked sort of like rain on us... we've had a lazy afternoon, a short nap and I might have had one to many left over rice crispy treats.

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