Monday, July 4, 2011

Remembering Ronnie

In June, we lost one of the best men I've ever know, not to mention, one of my favorite family members.  He was sweet, kind, gentle, and loving.  He was very soft spoken and if he ever said something about someone, you should pay attention - he rarely said anything negative about anyone.  He loved my children and was a favorite "uncle"... He and Kellie shared a special bond...when she was little he would sit with her in his lap for hours and read books or watch t.v., take naps with her, and smoke a ham for them to share anytime we came to visit...he jumped in the pool fully clothed once when she fell in... He was a precious man and gone way to soon.
He was also the Police and Fire Chief in a East Texas town.  I had never seen a funeral like this...It was held at the college auditorium to accommodate everyone.  Emergency vehicles from every surrounding town were in the procession.  Below are pictures from the procession, the funeral and graveside.  The procession was amazing watching people come out of businesses and stop and get out of cars to pay respect.
 It was a beautiful tribute to an wonderful man.

He will be so missed by in our family.

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Mary said...

I amso sorry for the loss of your friend. His must have been a wonderful life to have such an outpouring at his funeral. I will keep you an in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings...Mary