Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dinner, not in a basket?

Our evenings have been taken over by Pinocchio.
 Dress rehearsals and last night was opening night for "Child number 5"...

that is her in the center back
 her two besties came to watch
one of my friends came with her kids... Katie is their favorite babysitter...

It has been fun. Kellie is really enjoying the show and is glad she did it!  I'm sure it will be worth every penny of that $30ish dollars they are paying her!

So the last few nights dinner has been eaten at the play... I should get a freq. drink discount from Sonic...

Last night was burgers, stuffed peppers and banana pudding

Stuffed mini peppers

6-8 mini bell peppers, cut in half, seeds removed
3 ears fresh corn cut off the cob
6 oz goat cheese
2 green onions finely chopped
season salt and pepper to taste

Mix corn, goat cheese and chopped chives till blended

fill cleaned peppers with corn mixture
Bake at 375 approx. 20 minutes, till bubbly and peppers soft.  I think these would be even better cooked on the grill.

Tonight I was the bad parent and just dropped her off.  Seeing it three nights in a row this week was all could take!
So, tonight we ate dinner at home!  I tried a new shredded beef recipe tonight and you need to make this!  I mean it.  It was that good!

Shredded Beef for Taco's

1 sm. Beef Roast
2 pk. Sazon seasoning packets
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
3 cloves garlic
1 lg onion chopped
1 Chili in Adobo chopped
1 1/2 cup beef broth

Rub Sazon seasoning on roast.  Sear roast on each side in hot skillet, approx. 5 min. on each side till browned.  Move roast to crock pot.  Using beef broth de-glaze pan.  Add chili powder and cumin.
Pour over roast.  Add Chili in Adobo, onion and garlic.  Cover and cook on Med. 6-8 hours. 
Serve on tortillas and top with your choice of toppings, cilantro, feta or cotija cheese, chopped tomatoes, etc.

It got great review from the picky husband and the family I took dinner to...

On another tragic note.  Pepper the hamster passed away.  I discovered it this morning...  Mike "took care" of things before Kellie even got up.  She wanted us to get him back out of the dumpster so she could have a "funeral, light candles, say a few words...." 
That didn't happen. 
I have been surprisingly sad about the rodent death....
You see every morning during the school year when I go to wake Kellie up, I would open his cage, he would come running, let me pet him and then I'd give him a little hamster treat.
Katie has decided that since summer started and I had not been doing that as often, that he must have died from sadness...
Thanks for the guilt Katie.
I haven't heard yet if a new hamster is in my weekend plan....

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Mary said...

The peppers and the tacos both sound wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about the hamster. It is hard to see how kids can become so attached to them, but I know from experience that they really feel the loss. Mine would mourn goldfish. I hope you have a great day. Hang in there. The play will soon be over :-). Blessings...Mary